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Green Carpet Cleaning

We do home and commercial eco or green carpet cleaning. The Naturally Green system is low moisture and cleans better than anything else on the market. On most carpets the dry time is 1-2 hours and you can then go about your regular business.

Eco-Friendly Rug Cleaning

All rugs are not the same but we know your rugs needs and will make sure that they will be cleaned correctly. We can clean the rugs at your home or business otherwise pick them up and do the cleaning at our office then return them.

Upholstery Cleaning

We clean sofas, chairs, and other upholstery at your home of office. Upholstery does need a 24 hour period before use after we clean it.

Curtain & Drapery Cleaning

We come to your home or office remove your drapery, clean it, return with your clean drapery and put it back up. Again all our drapery cleaning is with natural safe products.

Mattress & Box Spring Cleaning

With allergies on the rise, we are having more clients tell us that their doctors recommend they have their mattresses cleaned at least once a year. Dust mite populations can grow tremendously in a very short time within pillows and mattresses.

Flood & Mold Clean-Up

During a disaster involving water, damage can quickly be done to your home and furniture. Mold begins growing after only 5 to 6 hours. It is an allergy irritant that can cause very serious health problems. This makes it imperative to clean up the water as quickly as possible and kill any mold that may have formed.

Non-Toxic Pet Accident Clean-Up

As a pet owner, I know that some pet accidents are hard to manage. Naturally Green tries to take the pain out of any clean-up making it a safe easy process. All our products are natural and pet safe to ensure a healthy home after we leave.

Odor Control

There are a variety of unexpected events like fires, floods, and pet or human accidents that can cause horrid odors in your home. But no matter how they are formed any bad odors that manifest can be taken care of safely with natural products.

Tile Cleaning

Using high pressure water spray we clean the tile and remove debris or mold from the grout. The grout can then be resealed with a green grout sealer.

Green Evaluation

How do you go about making your house green? After an evaluation, we will help you design a realistic plan to make your house safer and greener right away. The design will also cover a variety of long term changes toward a greener home that can be done slowly over a longer period of time.

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