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Mission Statement

We will work with each and every client to create a safer, non-toxic, and more allergy-free environment in their home or business. We strive to give our clients the best organic cleaning services using safe, natural products while utilizing ecological and green methods.

Our Business

My name is Bryan Angstman. I worked in the Environmental Consulting Field for 15 years before starting Naturally Green. In that time, I began to see a need for safer carpet cleaning methods to be used in work places and homes, especially those with small children and pets. So I began Naturally Green with the intent of getting carpets their cleanest and doing it with safe, ecological methods. These methods include using safe, natural products while avoiding the nasty chemicals that are used by most carpet cleaning companies. Also, because so many of the allergy problems are caused by molds, I chose a low moisture system that dries in 1-2 hours.

What our clients say:

  • I have Bryan come to my home once a month to clean the carpets, since I have two dogs. He uses products that are safe for the animals. I trust him so much that I leave the key for him and check on the counter. He has great pricing and is a really nice guy!- Blossom T., Woodland Hills
  • Naturally Green has been great! My husband and I have two kids and want non-toxic products used in cleaning our home. We were worried about some of the companies just saying they are green and not really being what they present. Bryan took the time to talk about why he does the carpet cleaning a certain way and about the non-toxic cleaners he uses. His knowledge and background gives us confidence our carpets are being cleaned with green methods and safe natural products.- Debbie H., Santa Monica
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